How to activate Siri on iPhone X


For its latest flagship iPhone X, Apple has decided to drop the Home button. Although it may sound a little strange once you start using the phone, especially if you have an iPhone before, you’ll get used to it. On older iPhone models, the Home button is used for many purposes. And one of the goals is to activate Siri. Now, many people are wondering how to wake up Siri when there is no home button. Even though Apple has made some changes, things are still very simple. We will show you how to activate Siri on iPhone X.

How to Enable Siri On IPhone X

Voice command

As on old iPhone, you can activate Siri using your voice. To be able to do this, you must activate the option “Dis Siri”. Here’s how to activate it:

  • Navigate to settings
  • Now press Siri & search
  • Tap Listen to “Dis Siri”

Once you have set up “Dis Siri” on your iPhone X, all you have to do is say “Say Siri” and ask the questions or give the commands you want.

Side button

Another way to activate Siri on your iPhone X is to use the side button. The side button is used instead of the Home button. So all you have to do is press the side button and hold it down – this will activate Siri. Once Siri is activated, make your request.

Note:   If you have enabled “Type to Siri” – Settings> General> Accessibility> Siri> Tap Siri – once you activate the wizard, you will see the keyboard. In this case, you will have to type your request.

As you can see, there are two ways to activate Siri, both very simple. You can use your voice, or simply press and hold the side button. Choose what suits you best and make your requests whenever you want.

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