Best Multiplayer Games in the last 6 months


Gaming has its roots in players playing against each other in arcades, whether by directly facing off, or just trying to beat each other’s high scores. So of course, multiplayer is a hugely integral component of video games. 2017 saw a great amount of fantastic multiplayer games- and yet, one stood out over all others… Let’s look at Best Multiplayer Games in the last 6 months.

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Destiny 2

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destiny 2 takes all that was great about the original game while also fixing up its flaws to deliver one of the standout multiplayer experiences of the year yeah there are problems once again the in game is lacking and there are balance problems that need fixing but Bungie has shown us previously that they know how to maintain a community over the long term and with destiny 2 there’s a stong foundation laid down already.

Ghost Recon wildlands

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Gta with friends not Gta online actual Gta that’s the pitch of Ghost Recon wildlands and hey it woeks what is a middiling and average open world action game is elevated into becoming hugely fun and memorable when with friends and throwing Ubisoft’s great support for multiplayer for example the recently added PvP and you can see why this game has taken on life of its own.


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epic‘s newest game launched in early access and while it stood out right awzy after launch it was only when it gained its PUBG inspirated battle royale mode that it gained notoriety fortnite is hugely fun to play no matter what mode you pick and with epics execellent community engagement and launch support it is bound to get evenbetter over time speaking of…


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PUBG has any other game in 2018 been as much of a sensation or captured as much of the zeigeist as PUBG did it’s such a simple concept 100 players on a island in the area of plague keeps contracting you’re defenseless at first and you must scramble to find something to survive with if you die and yet it’s so infinitely variable and thrilling and entertraining that it has spawned an entire genre in its wake.

for honor

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for honor is another one of those games that’s so unique its standout melding imaginative close -range melee combat with large-scale PvP like in a modern shooter layered on top for honor wins points for sheer uniqueness and while it and issues at launch Ubisoft has since managed to iron out a lot of them and continues to work on the remaining leads.

Call of duty World War 2

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The Call of duty series struck back in this year with COD WW2 , the game that took the franchise back to its roots with a new game set in the second world war delivering an exciting and thrilling campaign was all well and and good , but getting to play classic boots on the ground Call of Duty with none of the over the top science-fiction weapons and perks that had begun to pervade the series in recent years it reminded us why we fell in love with the franchise to begin with.

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