Download Google Play Store APK for Android (Free)

newsteps-Download Google Play Store APK for Android

Here is an article in which you can download the free Google Play Store in its latest version and install it now on your Android smartphone. This page is constantly updated with APKs of the latest versions of the Play Store available for download.


Google Play Store summary

  • What is Google Play?
  • Download the Google Play Store APK
  • How to install the Google Play Store
  • What’s new in the Google Play Store

What is the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is the official Google app that paves the way for all available content largely since it is installed on most mobile devices sold on this system out of the box. Formerly known as Android Market, the California giant has finally renamed Google Play to extend a range of services and applications free and practical by providing unparalleled mobility flexibility.

Where to download APK from Google Play Store

Download the Play Store in its latest version:

Old versions:

How to install the Google Play Store :

Nothing is easier than installing an APK. If you are a reader of AndroidPIT, the APK has no more secrets for you. For others, an APK is a file format containing the entire installable application on Android. You can install this file without going through Google Play and without necessarily being connected to the internet. There are two methods available: from your phone or your computer.

Install the Google Play Store from the phone

newsteps Install the Google Play Store from the phone - Download Google Play Store APK for Android (Free) -

  • Enable installation of applications from unknown sources (found in “Settings> Security> Unknown sources”)
  • Download Google Play APK from our link
  • Find the APK of the Play Store in the Downloads application
  • Open the file and install the new version of the Play Store!

If you ever have problems installing or operating, you can still download an older version of the Google Play Store, which may solve the malfunctions encountered.

Install the Google Play Store from the computer

  • If you do not have enough DATA, or your WiFi connection does not work, you can download the Google Play Store APK from your computer. The same process applies:
  • Enable the installation of applications from unknown sources (found in “Settings> Security> Unknown Sources”)
  • Using your computer’s browser, then download the Google Play APK above      Connect the mobile to the computer via USB and copy the APK file to your Android       phone
  • Look for the Play Store APK in the folder where you copied the file
  • Open the file and install the new version of the Play Store!

newsteps Install the Google Play Store from the computer - Download Google Play Store APK for Android (Free) -

What’s new in the Google Play Store

Upcoming Update: Managing Available Space

Google offers to download applications on its Play Store, but what happens if you do not have enough space? The application or update that you are trying to install displays a message to explain that the installation is impossible because there is no more space in the storage memory. The problem is that this message does not appear until the last moment, so those who are not used to look at the state of their internal memory then have only one solution: the place.

An update will suggest you to see directly in the category “Updates” of the Play Store how much space you have left. If necessary, you can click on “free up space” (in original version). A window will pop up to tell you that you can save space by removing applications you no longer need. In the new window you can see the applications of your phone, sorted by use, which allows you to quickly detect which can be deleted since not used.

We do not know when this update will be on our devices but according to 9to5Google it has been observed on several current versions, so it is likely that it will arrive very quickly.

newsteps Upcoming Update Managing Available Space - Download Google Play Store APK for Android (Free) -

Google Play Livres audio

Google Play Store now offers audio books. Available today in more than 45 countries (including France) and nine languages, Google Play Audiobooks gives you access to your favorite books.

The addition of audiobooks seems a natural progression as interest in audiobooks is increasing, as is audio content in general (digital music, podcasts, etc.). As on similar platforms, it is possible to listen to a preview of the audiobook on the Play Store. You can also easily share your audiobook in your family library. A clever feature here is integrating with Google Assistant on your phone and on Google Home. Using this integration, you can simply ask the assistant to read your book. You can also ask questions about the author, the genre, the story … Alas, integration with Google Assistant is currently not available in France.

Upcoming news

Google Play is one of Google’s largest services as it is the most common way to install apps. Google has announced that its platform will evolve through several novelties that we will not detail all in this article, a special article will be devoted to the subject. As new apps arrive daily on the Play Store, Google is looking for the best to showcase and he intends to continue this way, but he plans to improve their quality, at least from a technical perspective.

In practice, Google will reward with a little money the users who will report bugs in the applications and then contact the developers to report the problem. More interestingly, he will use his Machine Learning system to check if other apps in the Play Store are not affected by the same security vulnerability.

Another new feature: the presence of Instant Apps. Now you can preview apps / games without having to install them. This is of course a demo and not the full version, but it will allow the user to get an idea and determine if the purchase of the game is an interesting investment.

We can only hope that these novelties will be put in place quickly, but nothing is certain.

Google Play Store 8.3.41

newsteps play store ranking  - Download Google Play Store APK for Android (Free) -

Google is currently testing a feature to indicate the ranking of apps. Users can be informed about trustworthy applications. This means that when you want to download an application the Play Store will tell you the ranking of it in its category. Every time you open an application page, you will see information about it below the Install / Uninstall button. In addition, if you want to see the “Top Charts” for this category of application, you can simply press it.

Be careful, however, you will only get the rankings for applications that are in the Top 10 of some categories. Some apps may have multiple rankings, but it seems that Google uses some criteria to organize them.

This feature is not yet available on all devices. It will probably be deployed gradually on other devices.

To come

This is the case this week of The War of Cards, its price of 3.39 euros disappears and the application is now free. The reduction is on an international scale but this new category is not yet available in Europe, however it should arrive quickly.

newsteps play store new category - Download Google Play Store APK for Android (Free) -

Update to Google Play Store 8.0.22

A new version of the Play Store is being deployed. Now, when you go to the “Updates” tab on your list of apps, you can find a small arrow between your app’s name and the login logo. It allows you to see the “changelog”, that is to say the list of changes made during the last update.

The common man will not necessarily see an interest but those who like to know what is made up each update, this feature is very interesting. It’s not enough to have the latest update to access this feature, so be patient.

newsteps Update to Google Play Store 8.0.22 - Download Google Play Store APK for Android (Free) -

Update of the Google Play Store 7.7.31

Google has reworked the interface of its Play Store. Do not get in trouble, it’s not a revolutionary change, only the appearance of a new category: updates. Just go to “My Apps and My Games” and you will see next to the applications installed an “Updates” tab where you will be able to see all the applications for which a new version is available.

This does not advance the schmilblick, we agree, but it’s a little more intuitive. Does Google just want to remind users that it works on the Play Store, or does it really? The future will tell.

newsteps Update the Google Play Store - Download Google Play Store APK for Android (Free) -









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