Huawei P20 release date,news and price


latest leaks of Huawei P20 phone, which enabled technicians and users to make a phone call, are now available. Huawei has given us the launch date when I sent calls to technicians and media for a forthcoming event to launch new phones on March 27 in Paris, Which is expected to include the Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 Plus among these new phones. Huawei did not mention the names of the phones to be launched at the event, but it is expected to have a third phone in the series as the Huawei P20 Lite, but the event comes just one month after the MWC 2018 , Which excluded expectations of the launch of the phone For which a new, so it is highly likely Onadm company event in March next two new phones from Huawei who come after P10 last year, Huawei’s family.

2 - Huawei P20 release date,news and price -

A leak of a P20 version of the memory will come with a resolution of 2244×1080 pixels in its screen, with a dimension of 18.7: 9, meaning the phone will be larger than Samsung phones, but will not reach the dimensions of the iPhone X, which will hardly converge, It can be used in what will be within the design of the phone, but the leaks have not yet indicated its location. The Huawei P20 is expected to be available this year in the 2018 version of the MWC conference on February 26, when the P10 was announced last year at the MWC 2017 conference in February, according to Huawei vice president of phone line. He pointed out that the two phones may be launched during the MWC 2018 conference, which will be held next month in the Spanish city of Barcelona, ​​but this was in March, so the circumstances may change now, some forecasts that the phone may be launched in March, or April To a maximum, to reach the markets one month after its launch.


3 - Huawei P20 release date,news and price -

The most likely feature is the two phones support for Huawei’s Kirin 970 processor, which came with the latest Mate 10 series. This means that they support the artificial intelligence features that the processor supports. More importantly, the camera is the camera of the two phones, The camera’s rear camera will come with 40 megapixels, a stunning accuracy, with optical zoom up to 5 times, and the camera unit comes from Leica, which Huawei has collaborated with on many of its phones recently. The front camera is expected to come with 24 megapixels, Expectations or even close to that For numbers, we may see huge numbers of Huawei customers waiting.


The two phones are also expected to come with face recognition technology, which may be more accurate than that developed by Apple last year, and is expected to come with a random storage capacity of 6 or 8 GB, with an external storage card port and the operating system version (Oryo), while maintaining the port Earphones, and water resistance.


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