iOS 11.3 Features: What’s new in the latest iPhone update?


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There’s a new update en route to iOS – and it’s set to bundle a number of much-requested changes, including the option to disable the controversial processor throttling feature that’s was uncovered on older iPhones.

Stop limiting maximum power

iOS 11.3 will not only allow users to check to see if the so-called “power management feature” that limits the maximum power output to prevent unexpected shutdowns is enabled, but will also let them to switch it off.

The move, which was brought about in response to customers claiming that the firm has no right to manipulate the performance of its older smartphones, was tipped by Apple CEO Tim Cook during an interview with ABC News last week.

Business chat within Messages

iOS 11.3 also introduces a new Business Chat tool that will allow iOS users to communicate with local businesses within Messages without handing over their contact information.

This will work in conjunction with Apple Pay Cash, letting you easily make payments.

Music Videos in Apple Music

Another feature added to Apple Music is support for music videos. This allows you to stream videos inside the app, rather than having to store them inside your videos app.

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Four new Animoji

What’s more, the release will bundle a total of four fresh Animoji – a bear, a dragon, a lion and a skull – in addition to a new Health Records section of the Health application and a slew of enhancements for ARKit, Apple’s AR framework.

iOS 11.3 beta download and release

The Developer Preview of iOS 11.3 is available to customers enrolled in the iOS Developer Program right now and it’ll be coming in to public beta soon. The final build will start rolling out to all customers this spring, says Apple

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