Price and specifications of Lava A97 mobile

LAVA A97 phone-newsteps
LAVA A97 phone-newsteps

LAVA is the emerging Indian company in the field of technology and technology related to smart phones, which has been able to achieve success in previous years in many markets of several countries, and the Indian company success based on the issuance, which provided to the market characterized by attractive designs and specifications The technology that came to the market is good for its phones to perform well, all this comes in line with the economic prices offered by Lava phones, and the Indian company soon to provide smart phones to markets in many countries in the Middle East We, for this we will review one of the company through versions of this article, a phone LAVA A97, who will learn about the most important specifications and advantages and disadvantages.


the design:

LAVA A97 phone newsteps 1 - Price and specifications of Lava A97 mobile -
LAVA A97 phone

The LAVA A97 is a compact and attractive design. The phone comes with a compact design that makes the phone easy to carry and use. The phone also comes with a robust material structure that protects its internal components in shock or sudden drop of the user, The two phones are medium in size, a category of phones that are easy to carry and use, either with one hand or with both hands.


The screen comes in a 5-inch front panel with a front camera with a front-facing flash that helps you shoot in low light, a call headset, a proximity sensor and lighting. The bottom of it is the part that’s responsible for navigating the phone lists, back and go to the main menu and open applications , And the back comes with a basic camera that comes double-lens, accompanied by LED flash supports low-light photography.


Screen and sound:

LAVA A97 phone newsteps 2 - Price and specifications of Lava A97 mobile -
LAVA A97 phone

The LAVA A97 comes from the Indian company TFT LCD screen, which supports touch and multi-touch and 16 million colors, and the screen is 5 inches, and the resolution of the display on the screen is 480 × 854 pixels, and the intensity of the colors 196 pixels per inch.


The LAVA A97 is not one of the features of the phone. The phone comes from a category that is not the best in the phone, and the display resolution is not of a high quality, the size is small enough to provide a good viewing feature, the sound is supported by loudspeakers, The speakers come in the form of stereo speakers, the earpiece comes with a very clear voice, and a built-in microphone to prevent noise, providing great clarity of sound when making voice calls or listening to multimedia on the phone.



LAVA A97 phone newsteps 3 - Price and specifications of Lava A97 mobile -
LAVA A97 phone

The basic LAVA A97 camera comes with 5 megapixel resolution and is supported by some photo features that help support cameras to provide better picture quality, panoramic photography, HDR imaging, and the basic camera. LED flash helps to shoot well in low-light mode .


The camera supports HD 720p video shooting at 30 frames per second. The front camera of the phone is 5 megapixels and supported by LED flash helps to capture images better in low-light situations.


Performance and Speed:

LAVA A97 phone newsteps 4 - Price and specifications of Lava A97 mobile -
LAVA A97 phone

The LAVA A97 comes with average performance and speed. The phone supports some of the medium-tech components, such as the quad-core Quad-Core CPU, the phone comes with 1 gigabyte (RAM) RAM, 8 GB RAM.


The phone is powered by Android 6.0, and the phone supports a microSD reader that allows the storage capacity of the phone to be expanded using a 32GB secondary storage card. The removable lithium-ion phone battery is 2350 mAh.


Phone Features:

LAVA A97 phone newsteps 5 - Price and specifications of Lava A97 mobile -
LAVA A97 phone

– The phone is characterized by a harmonious design and attractive, features the dimensions make the phone easy to carry and use, and the structure is also strong materials manufactured for him, which protects the components of the internal phone in case of falling phone.


– The phone has an average performance in the case of moderate use of the phone.


– Supports the front camera in the phone LED flash which helps to take pictures using the front camera in the phone in low light conditions for better results.


Phone Disadvantages:


– The screen category is not one of its advantages. The TFT LCD is not a good category for use in smartphones compared to different categories


– The size and quality of the LAVA A97 is not a feature of the phone. The phone comes with a small quality and a small size, which do not make the LAVA A97 suitable for viewing images and videos.


– The basic camera in the phone comes with a low quality and accuracy of display, where the accuracy of the camera is only 5 MB, and the highest video shooting quality is only 720 pixels.


– The imaging accuracy in the front camera of the phone is not considered high quality, where the accuracy of photography is only 5 MB.

– Phone performance is average but not strong in intensive use cases where more than one application is used at the same time, or use applications that consume a large amount of RAM.


– The phone supports a quad-core CPU rather than an eight-core processor. – Internal phone memory is not large, only 8 GB, a small storage memory, and most likely will not be enough for the user to store the data or media that he wantsundefined User stored on his smartphone.


– The size of the RAM is also small, and this is considered one of the factors that affect the performance of the smartphone in case of intensive use.


– The phone is running the Android operating system version 6.0 (Marshmallow) 6.0, does not accept the promotion of the latest systems of the operating systems Google, which provides better features and features.


– The phone battery comes with a small capacity, which may force the user to charge his phone more than once a day, even in the case of average use.


– Your phone does not support fast charging or wireless charging.


– The phone does not support security sensors such as fingerprint sensor, which is easy to use, and is a powerful protection of the privacy and user data on his smartphone.


* The operating systems mentioned as the latest systems to be updated are the systems listed on the official websites of smart phone companies at the time the article was written, and some phones may accept upgrades for newer versions of operating systems.




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