The 15 free best Android emulators for PC and Mac (2018)

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There are many good reasons why someone would want to run Android emulators on their PCs. App developers can try to test their app before shipping it. Players may want to use a mouse and keyboard on their games. Maybe you just want it there to have it. In any case, Android emulation on PC is possible and we will take a look at the best Android emulators for PC.


AMIDuOS is the first in our list and it is a relatively new Android emulator for PC. It includes two flavors: Lollipop and Jelly Bean. Aside from the type of version, the only other difference between the two is that Jelly Bean costs $ 10 while Lollipop costs $ 15. The good news is that these are ad hoc accusations. AMIDuOS works very well for multiple purposes. Most of its features are based on productivity. This makes it a good option for those who want to use it for things like office use, homework, etc. There are no specific game features, but it works pretty well. Developers could use it for basic testing, but it will not be great for advanced things. It’s good overall and it’s worth it.

Android Studio

Android Studio is Google’s approved development IDE for Android. It comes with a host of tools to help developers create apps and games specifically for Android. As it turns out, there is also a built-in emulator that you can use to test your app or game. Clearly, this is not a good option for those looking to use it at the consumer level. However, those who develop applications already have a powerful (and free) tool at their disposal to test their applications. It’s a neck pain to put in place, but it’s easier to use once you’ve done it.



Then our list is a completely free emulator called Andy. We reviewed this when it came out for the first time and, although it had problems at that time, it managed to prove itself as a capable replacement for applications like Bluestacks. It runs pretty much the full range of the Android experience, including productivity apps, launchers, games, and you can even install root access if needed. This makes a productivity-focused emulator great, although it can also play games. In any case, it’s free and it works very well. Some have experienced some installation problems. We recommend you to be wary of these. Andy is also compatible with Mac.


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ARChon is not a traditional emulator. You install it on Google Chrome. This gives Chrome the ability to run Android apps. It’s not an easy emulator to run. You will need to install the thing on Chrome. From there, you have to get APKs and load them. In case of additional friction, you may need to use a tool to modify the APK to make it compatible. We have the basic instructions related to the button above. It is compatible with Mac, PC and Linux. It’s also one of the most difficult to configure, but it’s also one of the most exclusive Android emulators.

Bluestacks 3

Bluestacks is the most important of all Android emulators. There are many reasons for this. For beginners, it is compatible with Windows and Mac. He was one of the first to work reasonably well. The emulator targets mobile players. Earlier versions of Bluestacks were a little swollen. The newest Bluestacks, dubbed Bluestacks 3, was released in 2017. This is not the cleanest experience. However, it is possible to launch multiple instances so that you can play multiple games at once (or the same game multiple times). It also includes getting started and settings for many games installed. This should help make things a lot easier. He is still a bit overweight compared to something like Andy or Remix. However, those who wish to play should probably start here. Those who want productivity may want something a little leaner.


Droid4X has had its ups and downs. However, it is one of the classic Android emulators for PCs. It features a simple design that should be easy for most people to use. It is marketed to players and has support for more simple and casual games. However, like most Android emulators, you can do productivity things if you wish. We are not entirely sure if Droid4X is still active, but its download page is. Thus, we recommend that you walk with caution, as this could be a buggy and unstable product. Droid4x is also Mac compatible. Finding the installer for this is a bit difficult, though.


This Android emulator is for developers who want to test their applications or games on a variety of devices without really needing to own these devices. You can configure the emulator for a variety of devices with different versions of Android to meet your needs. For example, you can run Nexus One with Android 4.2 or a Nexus 6 with Android 6.0. You can easily switch between “devices” at will. It’s not great for users, but Genymotion offers its services for free for personal use.


KoPlayer is a newer Android emulator for PC. He also flew over most of the radar until recently. Its main purpose is play. You will be able to use the key lock to mimic a controller with your keyboard. Players will also be able to save the game and download it wherever they want. The installation process is quite easy and it seems to work properly. Like most emulators, it has problems that you go to random. He stands out as an emulator in the middle of the road. You can use it for a variety of things. The only drawback is that it is still buggy. Nevertheless, it is a good free option.


MEmu is another Android emulator that seems to be pretty good. One of its biggest features is support for AMD and Intel chipsets. It’s more rare than you think. Plus, it supports Android Jelly Bean, Kit Kat and Lollipop. You can even run multiple instances at once. This makes it one of the few emulators that overtake Lollipop. Like many, you can use that for anything you want. It will support most games and most applications. However, we recommend it primarily for productivity. It is free to download and use if you wish.


Nox is another Android emulator for PCs for gamers. This includes utilities and additions that are specifically intended to help players. You will be able to do things like a game with a real controller. This includes things like the ability to assign “drag right” to, for example, an arrow key and simulate real gesture movements directly on your keyboard or joystick if you have one. It’s very entertaining and seems to work pretty well most of the time. It’s also completely free. Do not pay attention to the delay in the video below. The emulator does not stop like that.

Remix OS Player

Jide Remix OS Player is one of the new Android emulators for PC. It’s also the only one that runs Android Marshmallow instead of Android Lollipop or Kit Kat. The installation process is quite simple and also uses it quite easily. It is built for games so you have a variety of options via the sidebar to customize the experience to your liking. It’s new, so they still make a few bugs. Even so, it still works better than most and it’s free in perpetuity. The only major disadvantage is that it does not support AMD CPUs.


Windroy is a classic. It is one of the old emulators of Android for PC. As such, it is difficult to recommend it to everyone. Think of it as a last ditch effort if none of the newer, more modern ones are working properly. We learned that it works better on older versions of Windows. It’s mainly for productivity. You will be able to easily run office applications. The game support is less reliable. At the very least, the emulator is free to download and install easily. It’s worth a try. Especially for old machines.


Xamarin is an IDE. It’s similar to Android Studio. The difference is that it can connect to things like Microsoft Visual Studio. Like the Android Studio, it is an integrated emulator for developers. It’s for developers if you want to set up a complete development environment to use it. The Xamarin emulator is not as powerful as something like Genymotion, but it will do the work if you intend to use that. It’s free for personal use. Companies and large teams may need to negotiate a payment plan.


YouWave is one of the old Android emulators for PC. It’s been a long time since. However, his last update was in 2016. This makes it quite common. The free version uses Ice Cream Sandwich. If you remove the $ 29.99, you will receive the Lollipop version. It seems to work very well. The installation process was quite simple. He does not have game-specific features, but he will continue to play games. This makes good play and light productivity. This one has had a much bigger development than most and we recommend it to those who try this whole process for the first time. This one also has a Mac support.


It turns out that you can create your own emulator. Here is how it works. You must download VirtualBox (attached). You must then download an image from From there, it’s all about finding many online guides and following the steps. This is the most complicated way to get an Android emulator. We do not recommend trying without tutorials and some previous knowledge. It will not work well, it will be buggy, and unless you are an encoder, it will be difficult to repair. Yet it will be yours.

If we missed one of the best Android emulators for PCs, tell us about them in the comments.



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